Friday, May 29, 2009

Flower Pot Card and Tutorial

Hello, Here is my first turorial on my blog....not without some glitches. I think I finally got it uploaded close to how I wanted it! I hope that you can use it and will make some of these cute Flower Pot Cards. I had a lot of fun making them and would like to try some variations with some flowers cut with the big shot or the Pretties Kit flowers.

For the pot you will need card stock cut 3 1/2" x 9" . You can use any color you like. Score at 2" and 51/2". Fold at the 5/1" score and fold at 2" score the opposite way. The 2" will be the "lip" of your pot. Measure 1/2" in from both sides of the bottom and make a diagonal line from this point up to the 2" score. Cut along the lines and your card should start looking even more like a pot. You may use an edge punch along the lip of you pot if you like. Sponge the edges of the pot and along the lip if you like. Staple along the top edge of the pot close to the edge and under the 2" score to hold the pot together. If you would like to add ribbon or other decorative items to the lip do that now. I like to use stampin' dimentionals on the back of the lip to attach it down to the front but you can just glue it down if you like. You are now done with the pot.

For the insert that will slide into the top of the pot you will need card stock 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 (same color as your pot) and white 2 1/4 x 4 1/4 to layer on the colored piece. You can use a corner rounder on both pieces if you like then glue together.

Slide the insert into your pot. You are now ready to add flowers. For my pot I used the 5 petal flower punch. You will need between 4-7 colored flowers of your choice (or more if you like) depending on if you layer them or use them single. I like to punch extras to back them after I add the leaves, it just gives the back a nicer look. You can sponge the edges of the flowers if you like also. Punch at least 3 green flowers to cut apart for your leaves. For the centers you can use card stock or designer paper with a pattern is cute, I used the 1/2" circle punch for the centers. Assemble flowers as desired. Attach leaves. I like to start by putting one flower at the top center of the insert. Then add the other flowers with stampin' dimentionals. This allows the flowers to hang over the edge of the pot and the insert will still slide nicely.