Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Busy Summer!

Wow! It's been a busy summer! I attended the Stampin' Up! Convention in Denver in July. Came home for a day and went on a family vacation to Alaska! We had a great time and I'd definately like to go back. The lower picture was taken in Glacier Bay. This is one of the largest glaciers we saw. We saw pieces of the glacier dropping off into the water.....so awesome! The other picture is me and two of my sons, Drew and Ryan on the dock in front of the ship we were on, Sapphire Princess. This is at the Skagway port. We also took a three day land tour before the cruise in Fairbanks and Danali. In Danali we went on an all day wilderness tour and saw moose, eagles, dall sheep, bears and lots of other wildlife! We saw parts of Mt. McKinley (Danali) but not the whole thing. A reason to go back!

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